How To Fix “File Is Dangerous So Chrome Error? 2023

How To Fix “File Is Dangerous So Chrome Has Blocked It” Error In Minutes 2023?

The document is hazardous. The most frequent mistake in Chrome is 2023; a similar issue also appears in Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Why do all these mistakes happen? The basic explanation is that because crack or keygen software is so little, every time you try to download it, the browser misinterprets it as a virus. Crack software behaves like malware or viruses and modifies system settings due to its extremely small execution file size, which prompts a defensive response from the computer’s defence system. Browsers therefore provide their own defence mechanism. Therefore, you must disable this browser setting each time you want to download a crack. In order to make it possible, here is the video.


If you are facing the problem: “File Is Dangerous So Chrome Has Blocked It” then you need to follow the guide given below as it is.

First, Open the Chrome settings.

How To Fix “File Is Dangerous So Chrome Has Blocked It” Error In Minutes?

To do this, click on the option ‘Menu’ in google chrome and select setting afterwards.

Now go to the advanced menu in google chrome.


Now turn off or uncheck the ‘Safe’ option.


Do the same as shown below.


Now there is one more step to follow that is turn off “real-time protection”


Follow the instructions.


Turn it off.


Check the file is the dangerous error in Mozilla Firefox as well.


Now uncheck the box as shown below.

The-file-is-dangerous-is-the-most-common-error-Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Now fix the same error in Microsoft Edge.

The-file-is-dangerous-is-the-error-Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Now turn off feature shown below.

The-file-is-dangerous-Error-Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

That’s it. All done now. You have successfully fixed this error.

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